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If you want to sponsor your parents or grandparents, you must submit this form to let us know you’re interested in applying.

We will choose 10,000 entries at random. These people will be invited to apply to sponsor their parents or grandparents.

How to let us know you want to apply

  • You need to fill out and submit the form below. This form is not an application.
  • You have 30 days to fill out and submit the form – from January 3, 2017 noon - February 2, 2017 noon, Eastern Standard Time.
  • Do not submit this form more than once. It will not increase your chances of being chosen. We will remove duplicate forms before we choose 10,000 entries at random.

After you submit this form

  • You will see a confirmation page where you will get a confirmation number. Keep this number for your records.
  • If you are chosen at random, we will send you an email telling you that you can submit an application to sponsor your parents or grandparents. The 2017 forms and guide will be available on our website.
  • If you are invited, you will have 90 days to submit your application.
  • If you aren't chosen, we'll send you an email to let you know.
Potential sponsor’s information

All fields are mandatory.

Make sure this information is correct. It must be the same as what you will put on your application if you are invited to apply. Double-check all fields before submitting.

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Consent and disclaimer

Information provided to IRCC is collected under the authority of sections 12(1) and 13(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and pursuant to the Ministerial Instructions issued under section 87.3 of IRPA. The information will be used to ensure that each individual applying to be a sponsor is considered once as part of the Randomized Selection Intake Management process and to facilitate the application of the provisions in the Ministerial Instructions.

Should you not provide the information requested, your expression of interest in sponsoring your parents or grandparents may not be included in the Randomized Selection Intake Management process.

The information you provided will be used, disclosed and retained as described in the personal information bank CIC PPU 013 (Family Class and Discretionary). Individuals also have a right to protection, correction and access to their personal information stored in each corresponding PIB under the Access to Information Act. Should you be dissatisfied with IRCC’s handling of your personal information you have a right to file a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Further details on the PIBs pertaining to IRCC’s line of business and services and the Government of Canada’s access to information and privacy programs are available at the Info Source website ( Info Source is also available at public libraries across Canada.

This web form is being used to submit basic personal information to indicate to IRCC your interest to apply to sponsor in the Parents and Grandparents Program. Your email address will also be used to communicate with you about the process. Use of internet email to transmit personal information carries risk of access by third parties using various means. IRCC will send only very limited personal information to you via email in this process. By signing below you acknowledge that you understand and accept that IRCC is not responsible for any losses or damages suffered due to: third party access to your email; for any misuse of your personal information by a third party; or restrictions, delay, malfunction or unavailability of email or this web form.

Clients should be careful to protect their personal identification information, including their date of birth and any confirmation number that may be issued to you by IRCC. As these personal identifiers may allow individuals to receive information about their files from IRCC via email, clients should not share this information with anyone, other than your formally authorized representative.

To see IRCC policy on internet use click here.

I declare that the information I have given in this form is truthful, complete and correct.

I understand that by typing my name and clicking SIGN, I am electronically signing this online form and that I have read and understood the above declaration, notice and disclaimer.

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